Case Study: Fergie’s Pub

How Fergie’s Pub Increased Their Instagram Followers by 64% and Facebook Likes by 27%.


Fergie’s Pub is a classic Irish Pub located in Midtown Village, Philadelphia. They specialize in Irish pub food and great beer, wine, and liquor. They also host all sorts of events, including theater, poetry, Quizo, live band karaoke, Irish music and open mic nights.


Fergie’s Pub was opened in 1994, and has built a loyal base of customers for its happy hour, craft beer, and late night events. Recently, in an effort to rebrand the Pub, they expanded their menus to include lunch on weekdays and brunch on weekends. Fergie’s was hoping to promote their new offerings.


KJS Digital Marketing was contracted to use Instagram and Facebook marketing to promote their new lunch and brunch menu items to current and new potential customers. Fergie’s also hoped to attract included the younger demographic of people that live and work in Midtown Village.

Utilized photography, graphics, and unique content to create a new feel for the restaurant that would appeal to a younger crowd, without alienating the current customer base.


  • Identified who their ideal target audience
  • Created and implemented a custom hashtag strategy
  • Created connections with their current and ideal audience through active engagement
  • Used geo-targeting tactics to attract a local audience
  • Strategically reshared relevant curated content


During the course of 6 months there was a reported:

  • 25% increase in the number of customers
  • 20% increase in the average ticket price
  • 50% increase in net sales

In addition to the noticeable improvements to their sales, customers, and ticket pricing, KJS was also able to assist Fergie’s in significant growth on social media.

Social improvements:

  • 64% increase in followers on Instagram
  • 27% increase in the number of Facebook likes
  • 323% increase in Facebook reach
  • 153% increase in the number of people engaged on Facebook
  • 6.05% average post engagement rates, well above the 0.99% industry standard

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